Welcome to Journey Education Centre

We are an international education centre which provides the highest level of instruction for children,
teenagers and adults of all nationalities.

We have energetic and passionate native teachers of English and Mandarin and talented
homework tutors who will take you on an amazing journey and raise your skills to new heights.

We offer a unique approach to language instruction which fuses textbook teaching with interactive

activity-based learning such as drama, cooking and crafts.

This means whatever your learning goals are you can achieve them through our classes and enjoy yourself too!

Why should you take your learning journey with us?

Unique curriculum and courses

Our curriculum is carefully designed to make sure you develop all the necessary skills, but also gain a
broader education and have fun along the way.

Tailor-made teaching

Students can combine a wide range of courses to create a learning journey to suit to their own aims
and interests.

Energetic and experienced teachers

All of our teachers love creative teaching and abound in interesting and fun ways to help you learn.
They are real experts in their subjects and have many years of experience.

To read a message from the principal of Journey Education centre, click here.