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New!!! 4 Months Putonghua Course For Adults Course (Taught in English)






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Our Interactive Mandarin Chinese Course’s purpose is teaching Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) to 

English speakers. It aims to develop the learner's communicative ability in Chinese by learning

language structures, functions and related cultural knowledge as well as by training their listening, 

speaking, reading and writing skills. 

The course consists of 16 lessons (16 weeks, 1 lesson of 2 hours/ week) specially designed for 

beginners. In the course of 4 months, students will study Chinese phonetics, vocabulary, sentence 

patterns, grammar, and discourse, which are the foundation of language communication. 

As a result of studying and practicing phonetics and fundamental sentence patterns applied in 

dialogues, by the end of the course, students should have an elementary command of basic 

Chinese language structure. The course gives prominence to function, training the students 

in the most needed functional items, such as greetings and introductions. The lessons focus 

on the teaching of basic functions and topics of conversation, training the students’ abilities 

to use language structures for communication.

The course is taught in English by our principal, Ms. Carola Dinu, who is an expert in teaching 

English and Chinese as second languages. Ms. Dinu holds a BA and MA in Linguistics, Romanian 

and Chinese languages and literature, a MEd in English Studies and a TESOL Certificate from 

Trinity College of London. She is currently teaching English to local kids,

local university students and foreign adult students.

Course Syllabus

English Courses

Each of our courses includes two sessions – one on a weekday and one at the weekend – together
with an optional lesson in another language (Mandarin, Spanish or French).

The English sessions last for two hours – combining one hour of teaching based on activities in a
textbook, with an hour of fun interactive English activities.

All our courses are designed to give effective preparation for the Cambridge English Exams but
also to be suitable for learners with other objectives.

PET Challenge

Our PET Challenge course is for adults who have some English knowledge but want to build confidence using the language. The course equips you with the English to use in situations such as shopping, booking hotel rooms and sending emails. It teaches a wide range of vocabulary and expression as well as offering preparation for taking the Cambridge PET exam.

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IELTS Challenge Intermediate

Our IELTS Challenge Intermediate course is for students who have solid basic English skills but wish to improve so that they can take the IELTS examination. It develops the specific writing and listening skills that IELTS demands, builds students familiarity with the nature of the examination and offers extensive exam practice.

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IELTS Challenge Advanced

Our IELTS Challenge Advanced course is for students with a strong knowledge of English who wish to focus on the specific skills required for the IELTS examination. It develops students’ ability to read and listen in an academic context, provides familiarity with the nature of the IELTS exam and offers extensive exam practice.

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